QUINN2 – No place to hide

Quinn is back! The enigmatic Irishman – once an international assassin, now a Federal Agent – finds himself at the centre of an ingenious political coup. Someone is bankrolling America’s drift towards isolationism, a dark strategy which steamrolls over political and economic institutions and targets innocent Americans for death.

A chance meeting with a beautiful young woman and her frail brother puts Quinn on their trail. Not one to take things at face value, he starts to scratch below the surface, putting him firmly in the sights of a group of ruthless mercenaries determined to protect their leader at all costs.

As the body count starts to mount, the FBI is hampered by oversight and interference. Not so Quinn. When things start to get personal, he reverts to doing what he does best. And somewhere down the line every last sonofabitch involved in the conspiracy had better get ready to make peace with their maker.

Because Quinn is not taking prisoners!

QUINN – Thirst for Justice

A contract is out on 10-year-old Charlie McAndrew and his 8-year-old sister Sophie. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnesses to the high-profile murders of their parents.

With nowhere to hide, their luck suddenly takes a turn for the better – they run into Quinn, a ruthless former Irish Ranger, now an international assassin, a man with no country, trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

The FBI’s pursuit of the double homicide of Mark and Ruth McAndrew is under immediate pressure because the dead woman just happened to be the daughter of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He expects results and doesn’t much care about corners being cut.

And that’s where Quinn came in. The Chief Justice sees the enigmatic Irishman as the best chance of keeping his grandchildren alive, but is the FBI squandering valuable time and resources trying to catch Quinn for past crimes instead of tracking down a sinister organisation willing to go to any lengths to protect itself from exposure?

Quinn could have walked away. Was he really willing to gamble his freedom on saving the lives of two kids he’d never met before? In the end it was a no-brainer for the tough former Special Forces operative. Deep down he knew he was the best hope of keeping the two orphans alive. Without him, they would be dead within 48 hours. So he stayed. What followed was a dangerous and soul-searching journey that changed Quinn in a way he never thought possible.