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The assignment is simple – stop terrorists blowing up the Eiffel Tower – or is it?

To some people Mike Devon is a highly trained counter-terrorism operative. To others, he’s little more than a Government-sanctioned assassin. Either way, Devon always takes the line of least resistance to get the job done – particularly when he’s faced with two al-Qaeda leaders preparing to unleash a new terror campaign against America and its European allies.

But he also has to deal with a sinister Russian oil billionaire, pulling the strings in a determined bid to return to the days of East-West conflict.

Somehow, Devon must foil a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower, and stop the assassination of some of the world’s leading businessmen in a roller-coaster that becomes highly personal, and threatens the lives of the people he loves most.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.


A spy, an IRA enforcer, and a police detective caught up in the worst of Ulster’s troubles

Someone Has To Pay is a fast-paced thriller set in the last days of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. The British Government’s top counter-intelligence agent, Mike Devon, has been put in charge of a daring plan to strike havoc at the heart of the IRA. His mission is a simple one – bring the terror organisation to its knees and force them to take their seats at the peace table.
But the IRA has its own ruthless operative, a man who will stop at nothing to kick the Brits out of Ireland.
Standing in the middle is the RUC’s best detective. He’s out to stop both sides turning the streets of Ulster into a war zone, but is he motivated by his own personal revenge mission?
The action swings relentlessly from Chicago to London, and from Glasgow to Belfast, as the three sides collide in a final bloody showdown in the suburbs of Dublin.



A short story to whet the appetite for meeting Mike Devon

Fresh out of training, Britain’s newest counter-terrorism recruit, Mike Devon, has to hit the ground running when he is ordered to stop a consignment of deadly weaponry reaching the hands of the IRA in Belfast. The message from his new MI6 boss couldn’t be simpler: “Forget all that movie crap about a Licence to Kill. What you’ve got goes way beyond that. I’m giving you a license to do whatever the fuck it takes to get the job done.”

This is a short-story bonus prequel to Irish author Joe McCoubrey’s full-length action thriller debut “Someone Has To Pay.”

The events recounted here are additional material, not included in the full-length story. It sets the scene for what later unfolds when Devon first encounters the IRA’s most ruthless assassin, Fergal McSweeney.